ZombieLand 4:20am, 11/13/17

 AlohaMorning! I have been searching 4 my tribe! My centered/aware, goal centered ohana that is dedicated to fight Nazi’s! Nazis = uneducated, TV centered, poor, violent, control obsessed, fake Christians, Trump-voters, Republicans, etc! (My new definition!) Fight = educating, awareness expanding, color-blind, aloha! Because of my handicap and my quest I have been looking 4 […]

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ZombieLand 4:20am, 10/29/17

Jean Smail is my award-winning Amiga! My NEW-AMERICAN AWARD flys across the Pacific toda Big island to back-slap “Auntie Jean” because she has persevered! Like a homesteading pioneer Jean has transformed her “Plymouth rock” into a Bed and Breakfast/Animal sanctuary/tropical farm for her and her husband Jess! Most couples try to relax when they retire, but […]

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ZombieLand 4:20am, 10/28/17

AlohaMorning! Wake-Bake and Contemplate!!!! Introducing my “New American-Awards”! I’m presenting these awards 2 only Humans of Knowledge! Don Juan Mateo taught Carlos Castaneda about his (Man’s) quest for knowledge in 1968. In 2017, the smartest person in the room (America) is not a MAN, but a Woman (Women). So in my quest to “Educate America […]

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ZombieLand 4:20am, 10/25/17

AlohaMorning from beautiful downtown ZombieLand! I have not been writing here 4 a while so I thought I’d write about the new Z-Awards I have begun! The Z-Award is presented to the Zombie who still has both Purpose and Heart! Howard (no last names 4 privacy) is a 70 year old Vietnam vet who looks more like a in shape […]

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ZombieLand 4:20am, 8/27/17

Originally posted on billyknowsblog:
‘Finding your TRIBE’ takes Homeric courage! Depending on how an Artist/creative-person deals with loneliness, which is the spouse of all real #Strongart or #StrongWord creators! Let me repeat myself. Loneliness is our mistress/wife/husband/Soulmate! Rare is the company that can stand the quiet. Rarer is the mate who can stand being alone.…

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ZombieLand 4:20am, 9-14-17

Harley Rides! 20″x 28″ mixed media on plywood was created 4 Dark-Barb on the death of her dog (20 years) Harley in 2016! I’m writing this ZombieLand post because it seems the last parts of Dark-Barb’s, human qualities like “fun” “happy” “surprise” died with her dog (Harley) that day. On her third dog (wtf, 4-got […]

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