ZombieLand, 4:20am. 6/25/17

“Stop-it America!” political grafitti-poster world wide 1993 needed to show it’s face again! From W’s era, this “GPoster” (grafitti-poster) was glued on street corners and up coming movie posters (No private property!) from Santa Barbara to Newport Beach (All Southern California)! I know because I wall-paper pasted each one myself! They caught on with a few […]

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ZombieLand, 4:20am, 6/22/17

Venice crew, Journal (June) Pablo said, All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.  PP was right! When I create art with the genius in da upper left camera-left, we can talk  about “Mellow-Yellow and its creamynessssssss!” until it’s time for lunch. “We don’t want 2 eat […]

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ZombieLand, 6/19/17, 4:20am

Zorro, 2017, 40″x 32″ mixed media on cardboard is Multi-layered and deeply narrative! “Zorro” (the painting) is a poorly photographed piece of erotic art that’s being included in a book curated by Big Kahuna in Dallas, Texas! This Zorro (Art) is a gift to the “REAL, Zorro” who I met on Little-Beach, Maui Hawaii a […]

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ZombieLand, 6/8/17, 4:20am

Fresh-Peach Shortcake, 18″x 24″ oil pastel on paper (In process for the book #BillyKnowsFood!) From a story from my mother told me from her earliest food memories about her father M. Melton. He owned a restaurant in LA during the 40’s, 50’s. I think he was the first “Foodie” I knew before there was an adjective/noun […]

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ZombieLand, 4:20am, 6/5/17

School-Parties! 23″x 18″ mixed media on cardboard book page. AlohaMorning! I’ve had one formal art class in college that I first received an “F”, then lied my way into a ‘drop-grade’ instead. The professor wanted to bed my large breasted art-girl-friend and was glad to see me leave. Point being, I create art with whatever I […]

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ZombieLand, 4:20am, 6/2/17

Originally posted on billyknowsblog:
POM, 40″x 30″ mixed media on found plywood. This #Strongart heals. Any great art will give the viewer (you) the emo-tools to feel either connected (A common feeling or healing) or deconstructed (Pull you apart or shock-you into a new POV!). This piece above is a healer, but only if the viewer…

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